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Loss Control

Loss Control

At IAT Insurance Group, we understand the competing priorities and challenges our insureds face to successfully run their businesses. Our goal is to assist insureds in managing one of their top priorities - safety.

It's no secret that effective risk management and profitability are related; accidents and injuries cost money. With more than 30 years of experience in the Transportation, Moving and Storage and Franchised Dealership business, we understand risks and how to prevent them. We work with insureds to develop and implement loss avoidance and loss mitigation strategies and procedures to help keep businesses running. 


We have technical experts strategically placed throughout the country to respond to loss control needs in a timely manner and offer the following services:

Onsite Loss Control Evaluations

  • Identify future areas where loss could occur
  • Determine how much money it could cost the company
  • Develop a plan to reduce the company's losses
  • Guide insured every step of the way to execute strategy, complete with an annual follow-up to ensure everything is going smoothly

Online Resources and Training

  • Quarterly safety newsletters
  • Training videos (Transportation, OSHA, General Safety, Human Resources)
  • Quick links to safety resource websites
  • Safety bulletins
  • Safety training material


By embracing a proactive risk management culture, insureds can have a major influence on controlling losses and the costs associated with them, such as higher deductibles, premiums, loss of business and customer dissatisfaction. Our team works to prevent these losses before they happen. As leaders in our field, we review our insureds' accident/incident history and develop actionable solutions to make businesses safer and more efficient. 

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