IAT's Brokerage division focuses on providing the right balance of coverage and price for General Liability accounts with a low exposure to frequency and a moderate exposure to severity. Average premium is $25K with a minimum of $5K.

Target Classes

  • Machinery Manufacturing
  • Machinery I/S/R
  • Instrument Manufacturing
  • Commercial Contractors
  • Sporting Goods Manufacturers
  • Premises Accounts with Losses
  • Owners Interest
  • Auto Repair
  • Vacant Exposures 
  • Hospitality and Mercantile Exposures

Coverage forms are ISO based with proprietary forms. Property classes offered include vacant exposures, receiverships, manufacturing, chemical blending and a limited appetite for habitational.



Up to $2M Occurrence and up to $10M Following Form Excess, either supported or unsupported


Typically $5M PML and $20M TIV for non-catastrophe exposed accounts


We utilize the latest versions of ISO Property and General Liability forms, including Additional Insured forms, along with company-specific forms.

Submission Details

Standard ACORD application, applicable supplemental applications as needed, five years of loss history.